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Your first 100 days

Taking off with a safety net in place

When you take on a new role you need to work with someone you can trust – for advice and confidentiality – who has no vested interest in the political issues within your organisation. You’ll feel confident, build your credibility, develop your influence and make a positive impact in that very critical period.

In this package we'll work together over a period of 3 months, with regular coaching sessions along with telephone and email support.

With this support in place, your organisation reaps huge benefits from their investment in your appointment. You hit the ground running and make a real difference right from the start.

Find out more call +44 (0) 1763 245 323 or email for more information.

Hilary was warm and compassionate and I felt she really empathised with me and my situations. On occasion she pushed me out of my comfort zone, which was actually very beneficial and forced me to discuss some of the more uncomfortable issues.
Sarah Haselwood, HR Business Partner, London

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