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How does the coaching work?

What will you achieve?

Timothy Gallwey, who wrote the Inner Game books explains the difference between coaching and other types of support using the analogy of driving a car:

  • A therapist will explore what is stopping you driving your car
  • A counsellor will listen to your anxieties about the car
  • A mentor will share tips from his experience of driving a car
  • A consultant will advise you how to drive the car
  • A coach will encourage and support you in driving the car.

This ensures that your skills develop so that things that were once difficult become habits. You become a highly skilled ‘driver’, able to avoid obstacles, deal with congestion, climb steep hills and negotiate tight curves and fast downhill roads with confidence.

The process of coaching you in these ‘driving’ skills can be face to face (depending on geographical location), by telephone or by Skype, whichever works best for you.

The phone meetings ... were effective and gave improved flexibility for the meeting locations .... Furthermore sometimes it is easier to think when you are not in front of others and the concern for maintaining eye contact and all the other face to face etiquettes are removed.” KD, Head of HR, London


If you’d like to discuss whether coaching or mentoring is right for you, please email to arrange a conversation, with no obligation.

You will achieve better and more lasting results by working together over a period of time for example, 3, 6 or 12 months.


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